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Ottawa Holistic Dentist

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Our team of dental specialist delivers holistic and environmentally-friendly general and specialized dental care to patients in our downtown Ottawa location. Our different services include teeth cleaningdental implantsdental crowns and bridgesdenturescosmetic dentistry, Orthodontics
and much more.

It’s about your teeth and so much more

Your dental health is about so much more than just keeping your teeth clean, white and healthy, it also directly impacts the health of your entire body! Poor dental health contributes to increasing the risk of systemic diseases, including amongst many other conditions: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. Your dental health is about boosting your total general well-being so you can stay healthy for a long time. 

Holistic Dentist in Downtown, Ottawa

We are well served by public transport with bus lines, about 5 minutes from Ottawa Public Library and 5 minutes walk from Parliament Hill. We are ideally located at the heart of the downtown Ottawa area.

We place special emphasis on education and follow closely of our patients’ oral health throughout their treatments as well as between each of their visits. At Parliament Hill Dental we are committed to going well beyond the recommended standards to guarantee your entire satisfaction during your visit.


Our Mission

We strive to improve the health and well-being of our patients through specialized and personalized dental care that focuses on comfort, function, and aesthetics. We make every experience in our practice pleasurable, unique and unlike any other dental clinic in terms of patient education, quality of treatment and standards of care. We are proud to offer patients that might be more fearful of dental visits, a reassuring environment and a unique approach to make visits at Parliament Hill Dental comfortable and completely stress-free.

When the science of dental care becomes an art

Your relationship with your dentist should be more than just an ordinary patient-doctor relationship. This connection between you and your doctor should be about compassion, integrity, professionalism, and trust. It should also focus on you, your uniqueness and what makes you different through your specific needs, goals, and aspirations. Your dentist should share the same values you have, show ecological concerns and make a valuable commitment to his community.

At Parliament Hill Dental we will exceed your expectations and promise you a wonderful experience blending together dental art and science. The attentive and dedicated team of Parliament Hill Dental will give you the complete dental care that you deserve. It’s your health, and you deserve the best!

Ottawa Mercury Free Dentistry

As trained dental surgeons, Parliament Hill Dental in-depth experience and proven skills are evident in the proven approach to delivering the very highest standards of professional dental care. Parliament Hill Dental has served thousands of patients, just like you across Canada and beyond, to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience at our Downtown Ottawa clinic each day, along with a special focus for the whole health of their patients.

Ottawa Holistic Dentists

Parliament Hill Dental approaches the patient as the sum of the parts, and not simply as a set of symptoms or problems. Your dental health and your needs are as unique and complex as you are. This is the reason why Parliament Hill Dental works with physicians and health care providers to explore inclusive dental health solutions that embrace larger health goals. These methods include material compatibility testing for sensitive individuals, as well as exploring how vitamins, antioxidants, herbs, and other scientifically validated solutions might help you achieve real, lasting health benefits – both in terms of dental health and general overall health.

whole health dentistry ottawa

Parliament Hill Dental is Mercury Free

Parliament Hill Dental know very well that dentists play an important role in contributing to both your oral health of the environment. At Parliament Hill Dental no mercury fillings are available, and when we have to replace an old filling that contains mercury, our team makes sure that its removal and disposal is always safe and secure.

Our downtown Ottawa office is built with all-natural, earth-friendly materials, all the water we use for equipment and consumption is purified, and the air in our office is clean and ionized. There is no reason to be concerned about any potentially environmentally harmful materials at Parliament Hill Dental, it’s better for your health and the environment!

Holistic & Biological Dentistry

Beyond professionalism, Parliament Hill Dental is about friendship, caring, and connecting with the patients we help. We invite you to reach out by sending an email, calling us, or dropping by the office for a friendly, informative chat.

You should expect more

You deserve a dentist who believes in integrated health and well-being and who cares about the environment and his community. In other words, you deserve the services of Parliament Hill Dental and the incredible team.

New patients are always welcome at Parliament Hill Dental. Are you ready for the dental care you deserve?

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