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Dental Exam Ottawa

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Dental Exam Ottawa

At Parliament Hill Dental a complete dental examination includes much more than only your teeth. We take the time to look at the tissue surrounding your teeth, your whole mouth including your palate and tongue, perform a thorough cancer screening, and finally evaluate your bite.

When you come to our downtown Ottawa office and meet our team for a complete dental examination, our main objective is to understand how your jaw muscles work, how your teeth meet, and carefully assess the health of your gums.Our philosophy is simple: we believe that a strong and proactive preventative approach is key to maintaining superior oral health. We want to help you avoid problems, improve dental health and maintain healthy life habits. Your personalized treatment plan will allow you to enjoy healthy teeth but also to have a smile that is radiant and makes you feel confident about yourself.

What you can expect during your routine Dental Exam in Ottawa

As prevention is key to enjoying a healthy mouth and overall well being, one of our dental hygienists will sit down with you to collect all the important information for your first dental appointment. Your first routine dental visit with us will include a complete dental examination as well as a discussion about dental hygiene at home that specifically addresses your oral needs.

During your first appointment at our downtown Ottawa office, we will take the x-rays necessary to assess your dental health, including a panoramic x-ray to help see potential problems that could not readily be picked up by direct examination.

When we examine your teeth, we look for any signs of infections, masses, unidentified lesions, and other possible abnormalities that may affect your future general and dental health. We will look meticulously at all the tissues in and surrounding your mouth, examine every tooth and evaluate carefully the dynamic of your dental bite (occlusion).

At Parliament Dental we make sure that you always have enough time during your appointment to have all your questions answered. Our goal is that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your whole visit. We encourage curiosity, questions and take pride in educating our patients in order to help them achieve superior dental health and a radiant smile.

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