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A holistic clinic like Parliament Hill Dental is concerned with an even broader spectrum of well-being. We understand that you cannot have a healthy body with an unhealthy mouth, which is why we offer comprehensive dental care, to address all of your oral health needs. One of them, Ottawa Periodontics, is the area of dentistry that focuses on tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth, including gums, ligaments, and bone.

The importance of periodontal health

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gingival (gum) tissue that causes chronic inflammation. It is often painless, with few noticeable symptoms and is insidiously destructive. This condition is often called a silent killer. That term may be a bit strong, but it is not unfounded.

Periodontal disease can cause tooth and bone loss, but it is not directly fatal. However, extensive scientific research has connected this condition to heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes, stroke, problematic pregnancies, and more. According to a national study, Canadian adults (between the ages of 36 and 69) with severe periodontal disease are three to seven times more likely to die of heart disease than those with good oral health.

Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is more prevalent than we may realize. According to the Canadian Health Measures Survey, about one in three Canadian adults has gingivitis, the earliest form of the disease. About 20 percent have moderate or severe periodontal disease and many are unaware of the problem. The statistics and risks of periodontal disease may be alarming, but there is one very reassuring fact: a cooperative effort between you, your dentist, and your hygienist can prevent, control, or cure oral infections.

The best option, naturally, is prevention. Good oral hygiene and regular dental care are the key ingredients for a healthy mouth. Parliament Hill Dental’s team of hygienists will teach you the most effective methods of brushing and flossing. They will also advise you about good nutrition, healthy habits, and the best oral hygiene products.

It is never too late to have great oral health. If you already have periodontal disease, we can help. In the earliest stage (gingivitis), the infection can be cured with no lasting effects. Early detection of oral health problems is one of many reasons regular dental visits are important. As the disease progresses, it causes loss of bone and gum tissue, eventually loosening teeth. However, even in severe cases, the infection can be controlled, preventing further damage.

If you have any questions about soft tissue grafting or gum disease, in general, please get in touch with us. Parliament Hill Dental is your partners to achieve great oral health.

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