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Tooth loss causes the bone that used to surround the teeth to start resorbing. Bone grafting is a state of the art surgical procedure, designed specifically to replace lost bone and strengthen your jawbone, allowing more effective tooth replacement, and increasing support to your facial features.

Some persons may have a jawbone that is too narrow or shallow to support an implant or have a “bony defect” (missing a portion of bone). In all these cases, Parliament Hill Dental uses the latest bone grafting techniques to help restore sufficient bone to support your future dental implants.

What causes bone loss?

  • Loss of a tooth or teeth
  • Localized infection
  • Gum disease
  • Trauma
  • The jawbone that is too narrow or shallow and cannot support an implant
  • Bone defect

In all these cases Parliament Hill Dental team will use the latest Ottawa bone grafting techniques to help restore vitality and strength to the bony structure of your mouth. After meeting with our team, if we believe you are not ready for dental implants we may recommend a socket graft procedure until your final implants can be put in place.


Bone grafting could save your teeth


Tooth loss can cause bone deterioration within a short period of time. Bone grafting is designed specifically to replace lost bone. It is a minor surgical procedure where a small incision is made in your gums to access to the bone located underneath where the grafting material is added. Most often, the grafting material is made of processed bone minerals around which the body will actually deposit new bone cells. Growing new and healthy bone then creates the necessary support for your future dental implants.

Bone grafts are used to achieve the following goals:

Saving your Teeth

Teeth can sometimes become loose and at serious risk of being lost when advanced periodontal disease has started weakening the underlying bone. Bone grafting provides increase bone support and helps keep teeth standing where they should.

Extracting your teeth

The habit of depositing bone grafting material into a tooth socket after a tooth has been removed is common nowadays. This empowers patients with the option to replace lost teeth with dental implants later on.

Dental Implants

Implants require good bone “foundations” to work properly. For patients that have previously experienced bone loss, a bone graft can help regenerate the bone required for an implant.

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