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Why do we have wisdom teeth in the first place?

Our wisdom teeth were definitely more useful in our primitive history. Throughout time, humans have progressively changed their dietary habits and this led to important changes in our mouths. One of the direct consequences of this “evolution” is that nowadays, our mouth has less space for wisdom teeth than originally intended.

When the wisdom teeth do not erupt correctly, they can become “stuck” under the gums, leading to irritation and inflammation. Thes “impacted” teeth can then further develop into an abscess and damage the surrounding tissues or teeth.

Possible reasons why wisdom teeth may need to be removed:

Your wisdom teeth could:

  • Come into your mouth at an angle
  • Distort the proper alignment of your bite and smile
  • Become impacted and cannot emerge straight
  • Come out partially through the gum line
  • Cause you Pain
  • Lead to repeated infections
  • Be damaging nearby teeth
  • Show extensive tooth decay

Entrust your wisdom teeth to our team of experts


Your wisdom teeth are going to be the last teeth to erupt in your mouth, usually around late teen to early adult years. Even though some people may never have any problems, over 80% of people will eventually struggle with their wisdom teeth.

At Parliament Hill Dental, we recommended to our younger patients to have their wisdom teeth assessed around 17-21 years of age. By catching problems early, this makes extraction much easier for our team, the patients and facilitates the recovery. On the other hand, adults can have their wisdom teeth removed at any age. However, since the body takes more time to adapt to changes, older patients must know that recovery time might take a little bit longer.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or discomfort and if you have questions about what to do, we suggest you come speak to Parliament Hill Dental professional for a meticulous assessment. We will then be able to tell you if there is any reason for concern and if so, what would be the best way forward.

Not all problems related to wisdom teeth will cause pain

It is important to visit regularly Parliament Hill Dental for check-ups to assess the development of your wisdom teeth before they cause any concerns. Request an appointment with our team today!

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