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Parliament Hill Dental attaches great importance to the proper start of your child’s dental routine. Most children should have their first dental visit around the age of three when most, if not all, of their primary teeth, are in place. We want your child to develop a trusting and fun relationship with his pediatric dentist Ottawa and we are dedicated to helping new parents understand how to best take care of their children’s smiles at home.

What you should know about your child’s oral health

Your baby’s first teeth will be the two lower front teeth and you will notice them when your child is between six to eight months old. The four upper front teeth will then follow and the rest will appear periodically in pairs along the sides of the jaw until your child is about two and a half years.

Between the ages of 2 and 3, your child should have all 20 teeth and it is only around the age of 5 or 6 that the first permanent teeth will start coming out. Some of the permanent teeth will replace the baby teeth, but not all and don’t worry if some teeth are a few months early or late, as all children are different.

Your children deserve a positive experience


Our office provides specialized pediatric dentist Ottawa for children and adolescents in a warm, caring and “child-friendly” environment. We understand very well the unique dental needs of our younger patients and focus on preventive care to help each of them grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. At Parliament Hill Dental we teach your children the right way to take care of their teeth and, just as important, that going to the pediatric dentist Ottawa can be a fun outing.

Do not hesitate to contact us and discover how we can offer your child quality dental care adapted to his or her growing needs. We are prepared to treat a wide variety of children’s dental problems and qualified to care for patients with medical, physical or mental disabilities.

About Our Pediatric Dentist Ottawa

Our practice is located in downtown Ottawa and provides dental care for children from infancy through adolescence. We are experts at diagnosing dental problems that could or may already be causing your child pain. We offer you a professional environment that is safe, caring and comfortable for you and your children.

When should your “first” real visit be?


The first “real” dental visit to your Ottawa dentist is usually recommended around your child’s first birthday or six months after the first one. This visit is usually very brief. Our team may ask you to sit in the dental chair and hold your child during the examination or simply hold their hands to reassure them.

We will then gently examine your child’s teeth and x-rays will be taken to reveal possible cavities not visible to the naked eye and to check the progress of permanent teeth under the gums. We will then carefully clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride to help protect them from cavities.

Before you leave, we will take the time to discuss cleaning and hygiene at home and give you a few good tricks that will help with the daily dental routine.

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