At the practice of Dr. Louis Carlyle, patients in and around the area of Ottawa, ON are often interested in seeking a beautiful, healthy smile. One of the aspects of dentistry many patients fail to understand is preventative dentistry and the importance of good oral hygiene habits and their effect on dental health and wellness.

What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is the field of dental work that focuses on achieving and keeping the smile healthy. This area of dentistry is often the focus at home. Patients who take care of their smile and take a proactive approach to their dental health will benefit from less expensive dental work, fewer visits to the Ottawa dentist, and the avoidance of conditions that can cause permanent damage to the smile. Preventative dentistry is part of a good oral hygiene routine.

Good oral hygiene habits

Dr. Louis Carlyle educates his patients on the advantages of good dental hygiene habits and how they can improve the health of the smile. Conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay can develop is patients are not careful to pay close attention to their smile’s needs. Below are a few things patients can do to maintain their oral health and wellness:

Brushing the teeth – patients who brush their teeth after every meal will enjoy the benefits of a healthier smile. This is because acids, sugars, plaque, and tartar are easily removed with a soft-bristled brush and proper toothpaste. This is one of the easiest ways a patient can keep their smile healthy and beautiful!

Flossing the teeth – flossing the teeth is also necessary, as it helps in removing food particles that can become trapped between teeth and contribute to the development of tooth decay. Floss once a day in the evening to clean the teeth before bed.

Routine dental evaluations – a proactive approach to oral health and wellness also includes routine visits with Dr. Louis Carlyle for checkups. Checkups may include x-rays to check the health of the smile. If our dentist spots any areas of concern, such as an area where it appears tooth decay is forming, or periodontal disease is present, early intervention can be done to keep the problem from spreading and becoming more serious. These conditions benefit from early intervention, which ensures treatment is less expensive than if the condition is left to become worse.

Visits as needed – if patients notice anything wrong with their smile between their routine appointments, they should book a visit with Dr. Louis Carlyle to address the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. This is necessary, especially when problems arise such as toothaches or damage to the tooth structure.

What is done for periodontal disease?

If a patient has periodontal disease present, they need to work with their dentist to obtain treatment as soon as possible to keep the condition from becoming more severe. If left untreated, the earlier stages of periodontal disease can progress to periodontitis, which can cause tooth loss, bone loss, and gum tissue loss. This damage can be permanent and may require many appointments and extra funds to address when it occurs. Preventative care can greatly reduce the cost of overall dental health needs, making dental work more affordable than ever. Treatment for periodontal disease may include deep cleanings such as scaling and root planing and the administration of antibiotics. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Louis Carlyle can determine the stage the condition has reached and discuss with patients the treatments they can undergo to bring their smile back to health. Patients may also need to visit their dentist every three months instead of every six to address the condition.

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