Dental X-rays

Better dental health with technology

It is, unfortunately, no surprise that problem in the mouth is formed in places we can not easily reach such as between teeth and under the gums. Our team uses x-rays to be able to see these hard to reach areas and inspect them in to catch and treat serious problems that could go unnoticed.

Parliament Hill Dental is proud to offer patients a digital radiography environment that has several benefits: minimal radiation exposure compared to traditional dental x-rays, our team can view the images directly on their computer screens, adjust it to focus on specific details, and we can share them over the internet with specialists who collaborate with our clinic.

When do we use digital x-rays at Parliament Hill Dental?

  • Detection of new cavities
  • Checking the inflammation of your gums
  • Evaluating bone health
  • Searching for early signs of gum disease
  • Determining if you are a candidate for orthodontic appliances
  • Diagnosing lesions such as cysts or tumours
  • Assessing damage in case of trauma
Dental X-rays Ottawa

Staying proactive with Dental X-rays

We recommend to our patients to have x-rays done at least once every 18 months, keeping some flexibility to adjust these intervals according to their specific needs. By doing systematic and regular radiologic follow-ups, we can detect problems as soon as they appear and well before they become more serious.

Dental x-rays represent an invaluable tool to facilitate the detection, diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of good oral health. For your first visit at Parliament Hill Dental, our team will speak to you about the best time to schedule your next dental x-rays so you keep your mouth healthy for years to come.

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